Goody Boy

Corso Ventures partnered with Eric&Todd to refresh Michael’s Goody Boy Diner, established in the Short North in 1947. In March 2019, the diner reopened with its renovated mid-century modern architecture, iconic neon sign, and newly shortened name, Goody Boy. 

Just as the building itself is “returning to yesteryear” in a modernized fashion, we rebranded using classic-with-a-twist custom wordmarks and illustrations. The new brand tells the story of a revitalized Short North classic that is a welcome addition to Corso’s repertoire of crowd-favorite restaurants. 

Mission Salon

The vision for Mission Salon is to provide a place where passion and purpose is infused into every detail of the experience. 

Eric&Todd worked with Mission Salon to create a simple and modern visual identity. The mark is intended to create a balance between two of the main characteristics of hair—volume and lines. The hand-drawn m’s evoke the natural wavy lines and arbitrary movements of hair and provide a stark contrast to the weight and geometry in this custom sans-serif wordmark.