Zappos Illustrations

Eric&Todd collaborated with the Zappos marketing team to create a series of illustrations for a range of initiatives. The first set of illustrations are for the Zappos “Goods for Good” collection of environmentally friendly products. The second is a large-scale mural celebrating their 20th anniversary. 

The illustration style is bright and positive to keep in line with the Zappos brand values and can be rearranged to allow for different displays.

Mission Salon

The vision for Mission Salon is to provide a place where passion and purpose is infused into every detail of the experience. 

Eric&Todd worked with Mission Salon to create a simple and modern visual identity. The mark is intended to create a balance between two of the main characteristics of hair—volume and lines. The hand-drawn m’s evoke the natural wavy lines and arbitrary movements of hair and provide a stark contrast to the weight and geometry in this custom sans-serif wordmark.

Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co.

Lucky Pickle Dumpling Co.’s offerings are inspired by Jacob’s wanderings in Hong Kong and collaboration with Pickle Hospitality Exec. Chef, Glenroy Brown. Located in Manhattan’s Upper West Side, the 15 seat shop embraces the ethos of global food, served fast. 

Eric&Todd worked closely with the Pickle Hospitality team to develop a visual identity for their latest venture. Inspired by 80’s-90’s era restaurant critter and with a heavy does of nostalgia, a cast of characters was created to expand the visual language and represent the restaurant’s offering and playful attitude.